Like It Or Not, Cannabis Is Here To Stay

In a few short months, Canadians will be able to run to the store and buy marijuana. For some people, specifically the pearl clutching, “think of the children” people, this is a scary proposition. For many others, this new law is long overdue and a welcomed change. I will say on the record that although I have smoked weed myself, I do not smoke it now and haven’t for years, so I feel like my opinion comes from an unbiased place. I would like to take a look at how we do things now and how things will be different this time next year.
Only 10 short years ago, finding a bit of weed could turn into a mission more complicated then landing on the moon. You had to either know a drug dealer or know someone who did. You had to go find that drug dealer or have them come to your house and hope you didn’t get ripped off. The laws were much stricter then and the whole process of buying weed was shifty at best. Gone are the days of the local pot dealer, thank god. With the advent of the internet, buying really good quality weed is as easy as the click of a mouse. For less money then local, you can have a top notch produced delivered to your door in discreet packaging, guaranteed or your money back. I must tell you, I found this quite shocking when it was brought to my attention. Yes, you have to prove you are over the age of 19 but after that, you can buy every weed and weed related product under the sun.
In a year from now, when recreational marijuana is made fully legal, the only thing that will change is the location of purchase. Customers will hop in the car and run to the store instead of hopping online and waiting for the mail. This new convenience may cause a slight increase in the number of smokers but nothing worth losing sleep over. It will be a fun new thing that some will try without the fear of arrest but I assure you, the luster will wear off. Those that smoked it before will continue to do so and those that didn’t smoke will continue not to. I do not smoke weed today and a year from now I will still be a non-smoker. If you are sitting at home, envisioning the streets full of stoned zombie people, that is not going to happen. This change will not affect you in any way. Calm down! Some kids will become teens and start smoking pot but most of them would have anyway. It’s not like the laws we have currently are stopping anyone.
We will see two very important changes come from our new cannabis rules that will affect all Canadians. The first is that we will gain tremendous amounts of money from the taxes collected from sales. You can call me greedy but this is now and has always been the main reason I support legal cannabis. We could be making a killing right now and spending that money on things that are important like education, health care and other social programs. Our health care system is in shambles, and just imagine how many great job stickers we could buy for our underpaid, overworked teachers with that money! This other big change is that the number of people incarcerated over cannabis will plummet. The government of Canada reports that Prince Edward Island spends $100,010.00 on average per year, per inmate. I for one, do not want to pay that kind of money to house someone who got busted for pot. So, we gain money in taxes and save money on the prison system.
I can not see into the future but I can look at facts and make a reasonable prediction. I predict that a few bad things will come of this law but the good will outweigh the bad. I look around and wonder why we were stopping adult men and women from smoking weed in the first place. It helps so many people with so many problems with so few side affects. I would take someone “addicted” to weed over booze or pills any day of the week. Grown men and women in a free country should have the right to make their own decisions and deal with the consequences as they come. These few people who are against weed and its legalization should do what I do and just not smoke it. You disagreeing with something should not affect the lives of other people. So I would advise all the pot haters to sit back, have a beer or a glass of wine and watch the tax dollars roll in.

An Honest Review of Barkbox

I really like the idea of subscription boxes but in my experience, many of them are disappointing. I always think i could but this is a store for way less and wouldn’t have to wait! I think the exception to this rule, so far, has been Barkbox!

Barkbox is a company in New York that sends out themed boxes with treats and toys for your pup once a month. The boxes are always nicely put together and you can tell they put alot of thought into each box. They start at $29 but are less expensive if you commit for 6 months or a year. You get 2 toys, 2 bags of treats and a chew based on the size of your pup. You can also add an extra toy for a fee.

The reason I think they are so awesome is because I know I couldn’t buy what comes in the box for the same amount of money! Everything is so much money at pet stores. The Barkbox always comes with good quality toys and treats (I’m a picky pet parent when it comes to food) and Ollie has always enjoyed everything. The one chew he didn’t care for was replaced right away. Yeah

Here are some of the toys we have gotten, some old and some brand new.

And here is the packs of treats we got for this month

And the chew is loooong gone!

They also have really good customer service that you don’t even have to call! You can go on the website and message a customer service person and they help you right away. They are accommodating to allergies or things your dog doesn’t like. They also have a super chewers box but I’ve never gotten that one.

I would HIGHLY recommend this box or at least trying it.

JULY2FT18 Will give you 2 free bags of treats with the classic box.
JUNE50OFFSC Will give you 50% off the super chewers box.

Click the link below to try Barkbox!

* I have no affiliation with Barkbox and pay the full price for my subscription. My opinions are honest and not influenced by anyone!

The Pros and Cons of having Children 6 Years Apart

In a perfect world, I would have had my children close together, so they would be bestest friends. My life did not work out that way and I believe it was to my benefit. I do not know what it is like to have babies close together but I can tell you what it is like to have a baby and a 6 year old.

My son was the one and only child for 6 long years. His father and I split when he was 1 and neither of us thought we would have more children. He was the only grandchild that lived in our province for 2 of his 3 sets of grandparents and my o my is he spoiled. He was used to having all of the attention, all of the time, yet still asked for a sibling.

When my daughter came along, his reaction was not what I thought it would be. I figured I would deal with jealousy and bitterness of some kind, but no. He was in love with his baby sissy and very protective. To this day he lights up when he sees her and loves to brag about all the things she is learning. If I could go back, I would have given him more attention but I had ppd and was just trying to survive for the first year. Thankfully, my oldest was annoyed with me for his lack of quality time and never took his annoyance out on his sister.

My children may not become close friends until well into adulthood. He will always be protective over her and will always see himself as a guild and not a friend. To be honest, I am okay with that, so long as they have each other to rely on and trust. She is currently moving into the phase where she wants to do everything he does and would love to be his shadow. Sadly, this corresponds with the time that he is gaining more independence and wanting to do things on his own. I do deal with small clashes but I will never have to break up a fist fight!

Here is a quick glance at the pros and cons


They rarely argue because they don’t enjoy the same toys (stay tuned, this may change dramatically)

Oldest doesn’t need to be hovered over while taking care of an infant. I could bathe the baby and not have worry about him burning down the house if he was playing in his room.

Oldest is in school all day so I really could nap once in a while.

They are genuinely kind to each other all of the time.


I basically started all over again, 6 years later. That is 6 more years that I will have a child in the house because she goes to university.

They are not close or even friends.

Watching a tv show together is always a disaster. He does not enjoy baby shows and to imply he should be forced to watch them is an insult.

Finding things to do together is a nightmare. Things suited for all age groups is hard to find! Theme parks or play areas had things for big kids and things for toddlers so they rarely enjoy doing something together.

I had to repurchase EVERYTHING.

I feel like the age gap worked out really well for my children and for myself. I am so thankful I didn’t have a newborn with a toddler running around. When I think about twins, I literally do not know how people do it. If I see a set of twins out in public, I give the parent a glance of admiration. My daughter just turned 2 and if I became pregnant today, I would have a complete mental breakdown. Some parents want their children back to back and I admire their courage but I am thankful for having an age gap and would highly recommend it!

My Raw Dog Food Journey

When we adopted out greyhound Ollie we knew he would eat the best dog food available. Sadly the best was much more than second best, with essentially the same ingredients, so we went with that one. It was perfectly fine until I watched a documentary on pet foods and saw my beloved brand. Quite a few flaws were pointed out so I started looking into a raw diet. I am comforted in knowing what he is eating, that is good quality and that he isn’t getting fillers.

Our dry dog food cost about $100 a month and I figured if I could make raw for the same price, I would commit. Little did I know how complicated raw would be for a beginner and how much pressure I would feel to get it right. I didn’t want to give him a deficiency or disease because I was careless in preparing his food! Thankfully, we adopted Ollie when he was 3 so he could chew bone. A puppies raw food is different because they still have milk teeth.

I looked on what felt like a thousand websites and decided that whole prey diet made the most sense. This diet also seemed he easiest since the jist of it is 80% muscle, 10% bone and 10% organ. I joined a raw feeders facebook group and they were very helpful. They informed me that Ollie would need at least 3 proteins but the more the better and that fatty fish was not optional. They introduced me to the most disgusting food ever, which is tripe. It’s the contents of a cows stomach, yet somehow it smells like poop…

The most difficult thing about feeding raw, after you get the hang of it, is putting it all together. I am a sucker for punishment so I do it once a week but many people put it together once a month. For anyone interested, here is the process:

* I go to the grosery store and buy him chicken legs, liver of some kind, sometimes kidney, turkey necks, a beef roast or lean hamburger, a pork roast, sardines, fatty fish, eggs, lamb and beef heart. (Tripe is ordered online and proteins are switched up depending on whats on sale)

* cut it all up and weigh it all out. The ratios are important so I know he is getting enough of everything.

* put all the weighed, balanced meals into baggies.

* freeze them all and feed 3 meals per day with the largest given at night.

* he also gets an omega and vitamin e supplement every second night.

I know what you are thinking… that must be costly. If you are comparing it to grosery store dry food than yes, it is. Compared to the high quality food he used to get, its about the same. Heart, liver and chicken legs are relatively cheap and I know for sure he isn’t eating poison, so it’s worth it.

The whole process was alot of research and time but I feel it was worth it. When Ollie eats, he absolutely loves his food. I’m pretty sure he would go hungry before he ate kibble again. Having him on a raw diet is inconvenient sometimes but he is worth it!

My suggestion to anyone considering raw would be to know what you are doing BEFORE you make the switch. A pound of hamburger twice a day is not going to cut it and you don’t want to make your dog sick. Have a firm grasp on what you are doing and then ease into it. There are quite a few things I have not mentioned, so don’t use this blog as a guild. It’s just my honest opinion on how switching to raw has been for me. I would never go back kibble but raw is not for everyone!

Current Obsession: The Handmaid’s Tale

For the past eleven weeks I have waiting with tremendous anticipation for the newest episode of The Handmaid’s Tale. I literally can not wait to see what happens to June, Emily and the Waterford’s even though the content is as brutal as television gets. Even while writing this I felt compelled to stop my writing and go check to see if the Israeli promo for episode 12 was up because the more spoilers I have, the more mentally prepared I will be. It is the most frightening, amazing, hard to watch show I have ever experienced, where no one seems to win and good things rarely happen. I watch it, as hard as it is, every week with the hope that in one of these episodes, the writers will give me what I want from The Handmaid’s Tale…. JUSTICE!
Everything in The Handmaid’s Tale is either happening now, or has happened in the past so it can never be said that the show is not realistic. It makes you think so much about all of the wacky people who say “If I got into power, I would (insert wacky thing here)” and no one takes them seriously. When Hitler wrote Mein Kampf and put his intentions out into the world, no one took him seriously. So when a politician says if he got into power, he would kill any woman who tried to get an abortion….maybe we should believe him. Perhaps not all politicians are just trying to get votes. Perhaps we should always take people at their word, no matter how absurd. Government take overs happen all the time around the world, so is it crazy to think it could happen here? I don’t know because this show has made me paranoid but still, I think we should always pay close attention to people in positions of power.
This show/book would appear to just be men hating material about the patriarchy and how terrible it is but I disagree. Atwood is clearly a true feminist because she portrays men and women in an equally evil way. The women are no better then the men in this show and sometimes, the women are much worse. There is no sisterhood or comradery among the classes of women, as we have come to expect. Atwood knows full well that the gender of a person has nothing to do with morals. There are good men and bad men and the same can be said for women. All of the woman with power are abusive to those who are powerless. I consider this to be a very realistic approach as any history class will tell you that the magical sisterhood does not exist and that bad people never consider themselves bad.
Amazing writing and the best acting I have ever seen makes this show a must watch for me. It is not a show you can binge watch because as I said, I am still waiting for something good to happen to the protagonist. I get so invested in these characters and want so desperately for all of them to survive. One positive feeling you will get from The Handmaid’s Tale is a constant sense of hope. There is always hope the handmaid’s will get rescued or make it out of Gilead alive somehow. I am also waiting for all the antagonists to get a taste of karma.
So I wait, and I watch episode after episode because I am filled with hope for the Handmaids. Hope that they all live, have good lives and never be enslaved again. Hope that all the bad people will have bad things happen to them. Perhaps this is false hope being that it would be the least realistic thing that even happened on the show but it keeps me watching.

You really really must watch The Handmaid’s Tale or at the very least, read the book!

Where Has The Village Gone?

ground group growth hands
Comments on any well known mommy blog often are filled with brutal comments, intended to make people feel insecure about themselves. Rarely do we see kindness, understanding or even solid advice. I see people who do things differently and assume that the other parent is wrong. If you take all these comments to heart, you will leave your computer thinking that you are the worst parent in the world. Stay at home mother…. Why don’t to go to work and contribute to society. Working mother… you seriously let someone else raise your children? Your house is spotless…. Do you ever spend time with your kids? House is a mess… you are a lazy bum who sits around doing nothing. You simply can’t win or do anything right these days so I would advise you to only do what is right for you and your children. When you are being judged harshly by anyone at all remember, what someone thinks of you is none of your business and you can only control yourself.

So much changes so quickly when it comes to parenting advice, I thought I would look up what the current advice is on getting baby to sleep. After a few minutes of research I found these gems from a legitimate website…. Brace yourself.

  1. Take away the soother.
  • Please do not do this if you value your sanity. A comforted baby is a happy baby, which means a happy mother.
  1. Soothe your baby for only 3 minutes then walk away.
  • Hold and soothe your baby for as long as you like. With parenting, there is not right or wrong way as long as your child is happy and healthy.
  1. Stop feeding your baby through the night
  • Good luck with this gem. I know I enjoy knowing my child is hungry because I’m refusing to feed them. These are BABIES they are talking about.
  • I got such a chuckle out of this one. Babies do not care about schedules, I can assure you. Also, if the parent was able to get their child on a schedule, they wouldn’t be reading the article.

Here is some legitimate sleep training advice: every child is different, they will eventually sleep, just try a few different things to see if of them stick and a bathed baby goes to sleep faster then an unbathed baby.

With all this conflicting advice, sanctimonious mothers and our pointless quest to be perfect parents, I am quite surprised that more of us are not in mental institutions. Genuinely. We are lucky enough to live in the age of the internet, when all our questions are easily answered by google, if you can sift through the lies that is. We all have to deal with social media, where you everyone paints themselves are absolutely perfect. I am of the opinion that this is extremely dangerous because some poor new mom may actually believe the B.S. I look at the perfect pictures and wonder how many times they had to scream at their children to get them to sit still. Some depressed new mother might look at it and wonder what she is doing wrong or why her life is not like that.

The fact is, we are all doing the best we can and what we feel is best for our own kids. Parenting would be so much easier if we all stopped doing the following:

  1. Don’t paint your life as perfect when you know that is a big fat lie. It forces you to try to live up to something that is not real. Your kids are not perfect, you are not perfect either. I know this because no one has perfect kids and there are no perfect parents.
  2. We all need to STOP attacking people that parent differently then we do. Oh, you hover….good for you. Oh, you let them bleed… good for you. Different just means different, it does not mean better or worse. Also STOP pretending you are just trying to help the other parent out… if that were the case you would send them a private message, not try to embarrass them publically.
  3. START trying to build other people up. Kind words can mean everything to someone in a low place. Parenting is not easy and no one has the right answers so if you see a parent struggling, be KIND. If you see a kid screaming in a grocery cart with a humiliated mother, tell her she is doing great. We have all been there and would have loved some encouragement instead of cold glances.

Everyone is insecure about the way they parent, so if you are raising a vegan or a child that loves hunting, we can always find common ground. We can choose to be kind and not judgmental…. Being mean is a decision we make and it needs to stop. We are all trying to raise functional adults and how you reach that goal is really unimportant. It is totally impossible to be a perfect parent in everyone’s eyes, so why bother trying. Why is it so hard to admit we have struggles? We need to go back to the good old days, when it took a village to raise a child. When we shared advice without judgement and assured each other that everything would be okay.

Every good parent thinks they are doing a crap job! The fact that they care and worry so much means they are doing okay. Bad parents don’t think they are doing a bad job…. They don’t care, so they don’t think about it! So when you are struggling please reach out to someone…anyone at all that is not a judgemental jerk. If you see someone who is struggling please be kind and not a judgemental jerk.

Stupid Comments People Make About My Child With ADHD

I would just like to take a moment to write about all the stupid, insane and sometimes incredibly rude comments people make when they find out my child has ADHD. I imagine that many moms in my situation are going through the same things so if you are considering any of these comments please STOP, THINK and know that we don’t want to hear it.

The one I hear all of the time is how I need to cut out red dye number something or other and that will cure him. I’m sure you read online somewhere that some child had reduced symptoms after red dye was cut out, good for them. My child is so far beyond that, its difficult for me not to laugh. While I’m on the topic of food…. no, I do not want to hear about some essential oil. I don’t doubt that it works for you Sally but since ADHD medication (like, the real stuff) barely slows him down, I think I’ll pass. That medical degree his Dr. earned trumps what you read online, but thanks.

Oh but he will be a zombie if you give him medication! I’m sure you’ve been told that. I’m also sure those kids are out there but I think maybe they aren’t taking the right type or dose of medication. My child is taking the right meds so please, just don’t. I cant understand why people think these kids are zombies. My child is still hyper on medication, still has impulse control issues and still misbehaves…. he’s just more able to focus at school. That’s it. We are not lazy parents. Our jobs as parents are just as difficult as yours Cathy, so kindly keep it to yourself.

Oh he just needs more discipline…huh. He is being corrected constantly… He has no impulse control. I could beat him every 20 minutes but I figure he would be worse off and not better off! He gets just the right amount of discipline and yes, he gets over excited and forgets to say hello… that just means he is excited to see you so get over it. We will discipline our own children the way we see fit so keep your comments to yourself. They are NOT HELPFUL.

Some honorable mentions include:

He’s going to become a drug addict.

He will end up in jail.

He just needs routine.

And my all time favourite….ADHD is not even real.

I am an adult with ADHD who understands all too well how it can negatively impact a person’s life. When we medicate, we are giving them the best chance to succeed. We are giving them the opportunity to get through a school day without being scolded. We are allowing them to reach their full potential and know they are not bad or stupid, they just have a hard time paying attention. Understand that these children are not particularly easy to raise. All parents have a hard time doing this job, so please, consider words of encouragement and not ridicule. We see our kids as the beautiful, smart, empathetic and kind people that they are. Look beyond the hyper and I’m sure you will too.

Ps. To all you parents struggling, I get the struggle, I feel your pain, and you are doing AMAZING.

Pss. What is the worst comment/advice you have ever gotten? Leave it in the comments!

A Guide to Successful Co-Parenting

Please note, if your ex is abusive, a deadbeat or might endanger your child in any way, this article is not about you. You have all my sympathies but I only have insight on how to co-parent with a good human being.

When my son’s father and I separated almost 7 years ago, it was not pretty. We argued, got mean and vengeful which benefitted no one. Now we have a great relationship with great communication and I would call him my friend. I would like to say it was difficult but it was much easier then the effort it would take to hate him. If you can manage to follow these guidelines, and convince your ex to follow them as well, I am confident it will make your life much easier.

I do not want any bad things to happen to my ex. I want for only good things to happen to him because what is good for him is good for my child. If he gets a raise, your child will benefit. If he buys an awesome house or a new car, your child will benefit. If good things are happening and his life is going wonderfully, this can only be a good thing for your child. If terrible things are happening to your ex, I can assure you this will not be good for your child. A simple concept that makes a big difference!

Having open communication with your ex in regards to your child is absolutely critical!! My ex and I are now and have always been a united force against our child in regards to discipline. We are always on the same page and moving towards the same parenting goals. My child will never say to me “well dad said I could____” because he knows I will call his father immediately. He will never be able to play one parent off of the other in order to get his way.

Stay civil as much as humanly possible and never ever ever say bad things about your ex OUT LOUD. You can think all the nasty things you like, just never say them out loud. Never post nasty things about your ex on facebook… this is forever and seeing it will hurt your child. This person is half you, half your ex and when you say bad things in front of your child it hurts them deeply. Children take these things so personally and it is truly not fair to them. Also, a child will always take the side of the parent who is not there so you are also hurting yourself! I do not say anything bad about my son’s father to him ever and I believe it makes him feel much more stable and safe knowing we are civil.

It is important to lay out expectations from both parties and move forward together. This is the bit where I tell you to pick your battles wisely. If I want my son to go to a specific school or doctor I will fight for that because I think it is what’s best for him. Co-parenting is a long game of give and take and the only person that can win or lose is your child so keep that in mind. If you don’t care about something, just let it go. With my ex, the person who cares the most has it their way, generally speaking. Always remember, what happens when your child is with them is none of your business and you do not get a say. The same is true for when the child is with you and this should always be respected.

Eventually, you and your ex will move on and find other partners. This transition can be really messy or really easy, depending on your actions. Please remember, what happens at his house is not your business. All you can do is hope the new girlfriend is a nice lady that is kind to your child. The best case scenario is that everyone in your child’s life gets along nicely and are respectful of each other. It may take a bit of work, but this really can happen and it is a wonderful thing.

The most important thing to keep in mind when co-parenting is to treat your ex the way you want to be treated. A healthy, respectful relationship is what is best for your child, particularly during a break-up. After a messy beginning, my ex and I have managed to maintain a healthy partnership because that’s what is best for our child. I feel like this is rare when it should be the norm. Always keep in mind that a father loves their children just as much as mothers do, so try to be fair. Take my word for it, your quality of life will be much better!

The Truth About Your Babies First Weeks

When I had my first child I knew all there was to know about pregnancy, yet I knew very little about what would happen once the baby arrived. I didn’t know about the placenta, mom diapers or how I might feel after I delivered. I wish someone….anyone… would have sat me down and told me the gritty details. Here are the main things I want every first time mom to be to know before they want into the delivery room.

  • For the first few days after having your baby you will look just slightly less pregnant then before. I figured everything would flatten out in the belly region but no, not at all. Your body will be swollen but fear not, the swelling will go down….eventually.
  • Get ready for the heaviest period of your life and stock up on new mom diapers you can find only at the hospital. Your body is cleaning its self out and will do so from weeks and sometimes months.
  • As much as you wanted to give birth and get it over with, it will feel very lonely without a baby in your belly. You get so used to feeling someone moving around inside of you, that being alone feels strange.
  • TAKE HOME THE STOOL SOFTENERS!!!!! Just because everything works great now, doesn’t mean it will tomorrow.
  • If you don’t want to breastfeed, don’t let anyone bully you into doing so. Remember, it is your body and you have full control over what you do with it. For some mothers breastfeeding is a wonderful and magical bonding experience but for others it is HELL. If you wanted to breastfeed but you changed your mind… THAT IS OKAY. There is no shame in formula feeding or pumping any other form of feeding so long as baby gets fed. Happy mom = happy baby and don’t you forget it! Also, next time you are in a crowded room, try to identify the breastfed people from the formula fed people…. You can’t and until you can, feed your child in whatever way is best for you.
  • Dear almost new moms, if you remember one thing from this post please remember this message. You may not bond with your baby right away and that is COMPLETELY NORMAL!!!!! Lots of woman think it will be love at first sight and everything will be rainbows and butterflies but I have a sad story to tell you…. That is mostly B.S. Don’t get me wrong, you love the tiny human but not in the way people tell you you will feel. You have just given birth which is likely the hardest thing your body had ever been through, you are tired in a way you have never been before and everything is so overwhelming. You look down at your cone headed baby and think “O my God, this is a human being and if I don’t feed him, he is going to DIE!” and this is a perfectly normal reaction. The gravity of the situation will set in and however you feel at the time is perfectly normal. My son was 2 whole months old before I got the sick to my stomach, hard core love that is almost overwhelming. I can remember the exact moment and I can promise that it will happen to you too, just don’t count on it being in the first 5 minutes.

So this is it ladies, all the things I wish I knew before I had my baby. I also wish I had accepted more help and been honest with the people around me and I beg you not to make this mistake. If someone asks you how you are BE HONEST, if you are not okay, say so and allow people to help you. You do NOT have to have it all together. You do NOT have to have all the answers. You DO need to vent and talk about how you are feeling to a non-judgemental friend. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO TAKE A DAMN SHOWER. When people ask if you need anything take more help then you need, because this is a huge life change and eventually people will stop asking. This all sounds terrible because for most women, this part is not fun but it will all be worth it. It is hard to believe women go through all this with no regrets, but we do.

Five Reasons To Consider Greyhound Adoption


This beautiful, majestic beast is my dog Ollie after digging himself a bed. Don’t let this picture fool you, he is the best behaved dog on the planet… that is a fact. We adopted him through a wonderful rescue group called Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada and I couldn’t recommend them enough. So here are my top 5 reasons you need a retired greyhound in your life!

1. They are lazy bums… kinda. Greyhounds are built to go really really fast for 2 minutes and then sleep for 5 hours. That is not an exaggeration either, they literally sleep for most of the day. A brisk 25 minute walk is Ollie’s limit, this is the point that he would love to be carried home. My greyhound is my spirit animal. Sure, they need some exercise like any other breed, but they would be happy to nap the day away!

2. They have a fun and playful side. When Ollie is in the house he is as chill as dogs come. Inside he rarely moves from his bed but when it’s time to play he really shines. He becomes a bouncy playful goof ball the second the front door opens. He gets along well with every dog he has ever met and loves to be chased. The bark park is his second home as he currently has more friends then I do. People will pull over their cars to watch Ollie run and I don’t blame them.

3. It’s like adopting a puppy with good manners! When we got Ollie he was just shy of 3 but he still had a clean slate. He had no bad habits because we were his first family. He was house trained, could walk on a leash and was done teething years ago! Many people think adopting such a large dog would be difficult but I would need 5 Ollies to equal 1 lab! He is also a gentle giant as he has never been aggressive and has never even barked in our house. In place of the traditional bark, Ollie has an excellent singing voice that he shows off on special occasions. Seriously… greyhounds can sing, albeit not that well.

4. They don’t stink and shed very little. I’m not sure why Ollie does not smell like a dog, I’d have to ask a scientist, but it’s the truth. The only time he gets a faint dog smell is when he first comes out of the bath. The only reason I know he sheds is because when i brush him I find hairs. I have never found an Ollie hair anywhere but his bed! I know, they sound too good to be true, but I’m not lieing.

5. You are also adopting a group of passionate volunteers, rescuers and greyhound lovers! The dedication involved in a greyhound rescue comes purely from the love of the breed. Every retired greyhound needs a good home and these wonderful people ensure that happens. Amazing volunteers guide you through the adoption process and are always available to answer questions. I was invited to join a few facebook groups filled with greyhound owners. These people seemed a bit obsessed before Ollie arrived but now I am one of them. Before I got my grey I was given endless resources and many people I could reach out to with questions or concerned. I would consider it much like joining an extended family.

Adopting a greyhound is a bit of a learning curve. They have never been on stairs or hardwood floors. They are not used to house hold noises or tiny humans that move alot and speak loudly. Greyhounds have to learn what it means to be a family dog so the connection might not be immediate. It took our boy 6 months before he really felt confortable with everyone but it was so worth the wait. He is one of the best decisions I have ever made and wouldn’t trade him for the world. I’m sure that not ALL greyhounds are exactly like Ollie but I have never met one I didn’t like. So please please if you are considering getting a dog, consider a greyhound. Reach out to a rescue organization near you and one day soon you too could have an alien looking couch potato for a best friend 🙂